La Soglia Oscura

The Ripley Scroll – part 1

  You must make Water of the Earth, and Earth of the Air, and Air of the Fire, and Fire of the Earth. The Black Sea. The Black Luna. The Black Sol. Here is the last of the White Stone and the begining of the Red.  

Of the son take the light The Red gum that is so bright And of the Moon do also The which gum they both trowe The philosophers Sulphur vive This I call it without strife Kybright and Kebright it is called also And other names many more Of them drawe out a tincture And make of them a marriage pure Between the husband and the wife Espowsed with the water of life But of this water thou must beware Or else thy work will be full bare He must be made of his own kind Mark thou now in thy mind Acetome of philosophers men call this A water abiding so it is The maidens milk of the dew That all the work doth renew The Serpent of life it is called also And other names many more The which causeth generation Betwixt the man and the woman But looke thou no division Be there in the conjunction Of the moon and of sun After the marriage be begun And all the while they be a wedding Give to them their drinking Acetome that is good and fine Better to them then any wine Now when this marriage is done Philosophers call it a stone The which hath a great nature To bring a stone that is so pure So he have kindly nourishment Perfect heat and decoction But in the matrix when they be put Let never the glasse be unshut Till they have ingendred a stone In the world there not such a one

The Ripley Scroll – part 1 – David Beuther, Universal und Particularia… Hamburg, 1718.