La Soglia Oscura

The Ripley Scroll – Part 2

The Red Lune. The Spirit of Water. Red Sol. The Red Sea.

On the ground there is a hill Also a serpent within a well His tail is long with wings wide All ready to flee by every side Repair the well fast about That thy serpent pass not out For if that he be there a gone Thou lose the virtue of the stone Where is the ground you must know here And the well that is so clear And what is the dragon with the tail Or else the work shall little avail The well must run in water clear Take good heed for this your fire The fire with water bright shall be burnt And water with fire washed shall be The earth on fire shall be put And water with air shall be knit Thus ye shall go to purification And bring the serpent to redemption First he shall be black as a crow And down in his den shall lie full low Swelling as a toad that lieth on the ground Burst with bladders sitting so round They shall to burst and lie full plain And this with craft the serpent is slain He shall shine colors here many a one And turn as white as whale’s bone With the water that he was in Wash him clear from his sin And let him drink a little and a light And that shall make him fair and white The which whiteness be abiding Lo here is a very full finishing Of the white stone and the red Lo here is the very true deed.

The Ripley Scroll – part 2 – David Beuther, Universal und Particularia… Hamburg, 1718.