La Soglia Oscura

The Ripley Scroll – Part 4

The bird of Hermes is my name eating my wings to make me tame. The Red Sea. The Red Sol. The Red Elixir Vitae. Red Stone. White Stone. Elixir Vitae. Luna in Crescent.

I shall you tell with plain declaration Where, how, and what is my generation Omogeni is my Father And Magnesia is my Mother And Azot truly is my Sister And Kibrick forsooth is my Brother The Serpent of Arabia is my name The which is leader of all this game That sometime was both wood and wild And now I am both meek and mild The Sun and the Moon with their might Have chastised me that was so light My wings that me brought Hither and thither where I thought Now with their might they down me pull, And bring me where they will The Blood of mine heart I wish Now causeth both joy and blisse And dissolveth the very Stone And knitteth him ere he have done Now maketh hard that was lix And causeth him to be fix Of my blood and water I wish Plenty in all the World there is It runneth in every place Who it findeth he hath grace In the World it runneth over all And goeth round as a ball But thou understand well this Of the worke thou shalt miss Therefore know ere thou begin What he is and all his kin Many a name he hath full sure And all is but one Nature Thou must part him in three And then knit him as the Trinity And make them all but one Lo here is the Philosophers Stone

The Ripley Scroll – part 4 – David Beuther, Universal und Particularia… Hamburg, 1718.